The Reading Edit.

Last year, I rediscovered my love of reading with gusto! A friend asked me to join her book club and I soon realised how much I had missed reading and having the comfort of a good book to temporarily escape the chaos of life. 

Up until joining the book club, life was so busy, I felt that I didn’t have the time to look for a good book, let alone read one. However, the structure of book club and the expectation that everyone would read the book before the next meeting was just what I needed to kick start my reading habit. 

With this blog, I’m hoping to inspire other people to recharge their love of reading through a series of book reviews and recommendations. Or, maybe you’re already a bookworm and are simply looking to meet new bookish friends or diversify your shelves. Here at The Reading Edit we welcome comments from our reading community on all the books we feature and we love hearing about the books you love and what you’re currently reading too.

So join our book community, share your perspectives on the books we feature and let’s get reading!

You can hear The Reading Edit on 91.7FM ABC Gold Coast Radio Drive program with Julie Clift every Tuesday at 3:50pm and 5:50pm.

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