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The Prison Healer

by Lynette Noni Seventeen-year-old Kiva Meridan has spent the last ten years fighting for survival in the notorious death prison, Zalindov. Prison life is brutal – vicious guards monitoring the prisoners’ every move, fatal work and abhorrent conditions – every prisoner is expendable. Kiva survives by being impassive and earns herself the privileged position of … Continue reading “The Prison Healer”

Chills and Thrills as a Reunion in the French Alps Turns Deadly

Shiver by Allie Reynolds This thriller by Australian author Allie Reynolds is the perfect winter read! Five friends are invited to a reunion at a resort in the French Alps. They haven’t seen each other in ten years. The last time they were all together, they were at the peak of their competitive snowboarding careers. … Continue reading “Chills and Thrills as a Reunion in the French Alps Turns Deadly”

A Story to Devour Like A Delicious Bowl of Pho

The Coconut Children by Vivian Pham The Coconut Children is the story of two teenagers, Sonny and Vince, growing up in Cabramatta, south-western Sydney in the late 90s. Both are first generation Australians from refugee Vietnamese families. Sonny is quiet and lives with her family, including her perpetually inebriated grandmother and her volatile mother. Vince … Continue reading “A Story to Devour Like A Delicious Bowl of Pho”


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